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The North is a baseball program that brings student-athletes from across North America together for a baseball and cultural opportunity of a lifetime.  Each baseball journey unique, the team will explore what Europe has to offer while competing against some of Europe's top baseball talent.  Our team is run by coaches who have played and coached in more than 10 European countries and our travel program is headed by members of our staff that have combined for decades of group travel and tourism experience.

We love baseball and are passionate about seeing and exploring the world.  Our staff has found a unique way to combine the two – by pursuing our love of the sport and experiencing it across the globe.  We aim to share that experience with others by introducing and exposing them to the baseball opportunities that exist outside of North America.  

We seek motivated ball players who share our adventurous side, who are ready to explore the cultural opportunities thrown their way.  Travelling together as a team, we embrace our role as Canada’s Premiere Travel Baseball program.




Casey Auerbach



McGill University


Embrach Mustangs





Casey Auerbach has served as the Associate Head Coach & Recruiting Coordinator for the McGill University Redmen baseball program since 2013.  A 4-time Canadian National championship winning coach, he started playing and coaching abroad in 2011.  An All-Canadian and National Champion as a player at McGill, Casey suited up for the Swiss NLA’s Embrach Mustangs in 2011 and 2012.

Rob Sedin

Infield Coach


Swiss National Team


Zurich Challengers



A native of Sunnyvale, California, Rob played college baseball at UCSD in San Diego.  He has played Internationally for the NLA’s Zurich Challengers in Switzerland for the past five seasons and also played in Melbourne, Australia for the Moorabbin Panthers in 2012 and 2013.  Rob now serves as an assistant coach for the Swiss National Team.  

Tim Jones

Pitching Coach


Pitching Coach - D3 Cages


Vienna Metrostars

Embrach Mustangs




Tim is the current pitching coach at D3 Cages in Houston, Texas.  Tim played his collegiate baseball at Texas A&M Kingsville and went on to play abroad for the Embrach Mustangs in 2012 and 2013 and the Vienna Metrostars in 2014 and 2015.  Tim also took his talents down under, playing two seasons of winter ball with the South Perth Cubs and MacAthur Orioles in Australia. 





Max Rosenstein is a photographer and director, who has worked and lived in some of the biggest cities across North America and Europe.  Following his great passion for sports, Max also works in the front office for McGill University’s Baseball program and has been part of 3 national championship teams.  He is also fluent in French and English with proficiency in Italian.

Max Rosenstein

Communication Director



Greg Hroch has been leading student trips for 25 years. He has led 18 tours through 20 different countries.  Greg speaks fluent Spanish and serviceable Portuguese. He can also order Gelato in Italy and France as good as any native speaker.  Greg currently runs the 5-Star Students company as a motivational / inspirational speaker and serves as the programs director.  Greg's has two sons, Rocky and Chance both collegiate pitchers.  Rocky is a Senior & 4-time National Champion at McGill University in Montreal and Chance, is a Sophomore at NCAA Division 1 New Mexico State University.

Greg Hroch

Tour Director



Andrew Wong

Embrach Mustangs (CH) // Valencia Astros (ES)

Benji Waite

Gauting Indians (DE) // Bern Cardinals (CH)

"Playing in Europe gave me a chance to see the world and do what I love.  The people I met and places I saw really gave me a new perspective on life as a whole."

Sam Groleau

Namur Angels (BE) // Montpellier Barracudas (FR)

“I had a blast playing ball in Europe! I got to visit more than 10 countries during my 2 years playing baseball abroad.  It was an enriching experience to be able to learn about and appreciate different cultures.  There are some very competitive teams overseas and I would recommend playing baseball in Europe to everyone that enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures."
"I played abroad for over three seasons in Spain, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia.  Baseball was always my first love and I quickly found the love of the game to be a common denominator that cut across ages, cultures, and time.  In every country I played in, I was humbled by the goodness of the baseball communities who adopted me into their families.  I made lifelong friends and will forever cherish the memories.”


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SWITZERLAND // GERMANY // AUSTRIA ..............MAY 11-23 2018


TO BE ANNOUNCED..................................................SUMMER 2020


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